Impact sensor Citroën Peugeot 9636982680 8216H3

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PSA CITROEN PEUGEOT 9636982680 8216H3 550903000 NFP

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the side impact sensor with designation 9636982680 and code 8216H3 is a component used in the automotive industry, specifically in passive vehicle safety systems. This sensor is designed to detect a side impact, i.e. a vehicle collision from the side. **Main Functions and Features:** 1. **Impact Detection:** The sensor is designed to instantly detect a side impact of a vehicle. Based on this signal, the control unit can activate safety systems such as side airbags . 2. **Fast response:** The sensor has a very fast reaction time, which is crucial for effective activation of safety features and minimizing passenger injuries. 3. **Accuracy:** It is designed to provide accurate data on the intensity and direction of the impact, which is important for the correct evaluation of the situation by the control unit. 4. **Mounting:** This type of sensor is usually mounted on a structural part of the vehicle, often a B-pillar or door, to capture the dynamics of a side impact as accurately as possible. **Compatibility and use:** – This particular sensor is used in various car models, mainly Peugeot and Citroën brands, which are part of the PSA concern. – The specific part code (9636982680) and internal manufacturer number (8216H3) ensure that the sensor is compatible with specific models and their control units. **Maintenance and Replacement:** – Side impact sensors are usually maintenance free, but may require inspection and possible replacement after an accident or when diagnosing faults in the airbag system. – It is important to use only original or approved spare parts to maintain the functionality and safety of the vehicle. If you need more information or specific instructions for installation and diagnostics, I recommend consulting the service manual of your vehicle or contacting the authorized service center of the given car brand.

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