Maxi fuses Citroën Peugeot 1400550780 6500Z1

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PSA CITROEN PEUGEOT 1400550780 6500Z1

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MAXIFUSES fuse box for CITROEN C8, JUMPY II and PEUGEOT 807 and EXPERT II and FIAT SCUDO Maxi fuses Citroën Peugeot 1400550780 6500Z1 are electric fuses designed for use in Citroën and Peugeot cars. These fuses are used to protect the vehicle's electrical circuits from overvoltage and overload, which can lead to damage to electronic components and even fire. Citroën Peugeot maxi fuses have the designation 1400550780 6500Z1 and are specially designed for these car brands. They are made of quality materials and have high reliability to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle. These fuses have a maximum current rating of 50A, 40A and 30A and are intended for use in 12V systems. Overall, Citroën Peugeot 1400550780 6500Z1 Maxi Fuses are an important element of a vehicle's electrical system, protecting electronics and ensuring safe driving.

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