Citroën C5 II Right Front Window Winding Motor 9681597580 9222AJ


PSA CITROEN PEUGEOT 9649304480 9681597580 9222AJ 985172-100 NFP

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Electric pull-down motor for the right front window for CITROEN C5 cars of the second generation from 2005 to 2007 motor, electronics for controlling the rear-view mirror with the function of electric tilting to the car

The motor for lowering the right front window with the designation 9681597580 and code 9222AJ is intended for the Citroën C5 II car. It is a key part of the window retracting mechanism that ensures smooth and reliable movements of the window glass.

This motor is designed to provide efficient window glass removal without jamming or tearing. It is equipped with advanced technologies and high-quality materials that guarantee long life and reliable performance even with frequent use.

The function of the window motor is crucial for the comfort and safety of passengers. It enables controlling the movement of the window glass using the buttons on the car doors, which facilitates regulation of ventilation and increases driving comfort.

When replacing an engine, it is important to ensure proper installation and compatibility with the vehicle model in question. It is recommended to use original spare parts or parts from reputable manufacturers to maintain the safety and reliability of the window retractor mechanism.

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