BSM R09 DELPHI Citroën Peugeot 9667199780


PSA CITROEN PEUGEOT 9667199780 6500HV 6500HW

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This is a used part with a guarantee of functionality. Damage to one of the holders is possible – it does not affect functionality

BSM R09 DELPHI Citroën Peugeot 9667199780

The BSM (Boîtier de Servitude Moteur) unit, designated R09 by Delphi and part number 9667199780, is a key part of the electrical system of Citroën and Peugeot vehicles. This unit is designed to manage and distribute electrical energy in the engine compartment of the vehicle, which is necessary for the reliable operation of various electronic systems.

Technical properties:

  • Compatibility: Designed for various models of Citroën and Peugeot cars.
  • Manufacturer: Delphi, a renowned manufacturer of automotive electronic components.
  • Part Number: 9667199780, 9664997780, 9664997880, 9667199580, 9667199680, 9667199780
  • Module type: BSM R09, a specific version intended for certain configurations of the vehicle’s electrical systems.


The BSM R09 unit functions as the main distribution box in the engine compartment. It controls and distributes electrical power to various vehicle systems such as headlights, wipers, fans and other important components. It ensures the proper functioning of these systems and protects them from overloads and short circuits with integrated fuses and relays.


  • Efficient distribution of electrical power: Provides reliable and efficient transmission of electrical power to various vehicle systems.
  • Circuit protection: Thanks to the integrated fuses and relays, it protects the electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits, increasing the safety of the vehicle.
  • Reliability: Quality components from Delphi ensure long life and reliable performance, which is essential for trouble-free vehicle operation.


Installation of the BSM R09 unit should be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and is recommended to be done at an authorized service center or with the help of a qualified technician. The correct connection of all cables and connectors is crucial to ensure the correct functionality and safety of the entire system.


To maintain optimal performance and reliability of the vehicle’s electrical systems, it is important to use genuine replacement parts or parts from reputable manufacturers such as Delphi. The use of original parts guarantees compatibility and long-term reliability, which is key to the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle.


The BSM R09 unit from Delphi (9667199780) is a critical component for the proper functioning of the electrical systems of Citroën and Peugeot vehicles. Thanks to high-quality processing and reliable performance, it ensures the safe and efficient operation of various electronic systems in the vehicle. This unit is essential to ensure that the vehicle’s electrical systems operate smoothly and safely.

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