Gas pedal HELLA Citroën Peugeot 9681530380 1601Y4


PSA CITROEN PEUGEOT 9681530380 1601Y4 1601T6

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Accelerator pedal for CITROEN PEUGEOT cars is from CITROEN C3 2009 is from PEUGEOT 307 2008 Accelerator pedal HELLA Citroën Peugeot 9681530380 1601Y4″ is part of the accelerator control system in Citroën and Peugeot cars. It is an original part manufactured by Hella, which is intended for vehicles with gasoline engines. The gas pedal is located on the floor of the car and is used to control the amount of fuel that is injected into the engine. When you press the pedal, the engine speed increases and thus the car's power. The pedal is made of quality materials and has an ergonomic shape for comfortable operation . The specific part number “9681530380” and “1601Y4” is the designation for this particular version of the accelerator pedal which is compatible with certain Citroën and Peugeot car models. It is important to ensure the correct version of the part for the specific vehicle model to ensure correct function and traffic safety.

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